Featured Student in Cara Reeser’s Video Tutorial “Before the Hundred” on Pilates Anytime

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 4.44.33 PMI had the honor of taking part in Cara Reeser’s “Before the Hundred” video tutorial, part of her contribution on Kathy Grant for the Pilates Legacy Project.  Cara was my first Pilates instructor and remains an important mentor and friend.  The Pilates Legacy Project “is an ongoing, ever-growing archive of the history of Pilates” recently launched by Pilates Anytime.

Watch the trailer for the Pilates Legacy Project.

The “Before the Hundred”  video  tutorial can be viewed by Pilates Anytime members.  Pilates Anytime offers free 2 week trial memberships.

Find out more about Cara Reeser at www.carareeserpilates.com.