“Karin is a great teacher. Her detailed instruction creates a workout that is very demanding. Her teaching enables me to harness my own strength and flexibility to get results.”

- Heather Graham, Actress

“Yes, we are ‘seniors’ (ages 68 and 74) but we’re not old. Her classes have kept us involved and we are able push the envelope without fear of pushing too far.”

- Marty Wyle, RN specializing in orthopedic surgery, and Jim Katz, Film Producer and Preservationist

“I began receiving twice-weekly lessons from Karin and was able to eventually recover from my injury as well as work on prevention of future injuries. Karin has excellent knowledge of the anatomy and body mechanics in addition to her extensive background in pilates.”

- Kamran Kalpari, MD

“Karin’s holistic understanding of the body in combination with her vigilant focus on core work and alignment has addressed both pain and fitness issues simultaneously. My gratitude is absolute.”

- Xander Berkeley, Actor and Artist

“Karin Wandner is among the most knowledgable and innovative instructors I have worked with. Her approach is sensible and effective… As a professional dancer, I find Karin Wandner’s instruction to be an invaluable part of my training regimen.”

- Ingrid Graham, Dancer and Choreographer